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The Nurse Practitioner Residency: Behavioral Health Integration in Rural Primary Care using the TANDEM3-PC Model (NPR: BHI-Rural PC/TANDEM3-PC; T14HP33207) (2019-2024), called The Carolina Nurse Practitioner Residency Program, focuses on post-graduate clinical training with academic mentoring and targets regions in rural and/or underserved areas of NC that have critical healthcare access needs. The targeted population suffers from psychological stress, trauma and a disproportionate burden of illness due to health disparities that are exacerbated by poverty, unemployment and comorbid physical/behavioral health/ substance use problems. In addition to the NP Resident training, the grant team will educate and train the primary care partners where the residents are practicing, and introduce them to these topics as well, so that all levels at the site are working to their full scope of practice. In October of 2022, a group of PMHNP graduates were added to the program in addition to the FNP and AGNP graduates, continuing to implement the TANDEM3-PC model developed by Dr. Victoria Soltis-Jarrett. This model emphasizes how primary care and specialty care NPs can collaborate and consult with each other to provide a whole health approach to their patient’s care.

Applications for the Carolina Nurse Practitioner Residency Program are no longer being accepted as 2024 is the last year that this program will be offered.

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